Kynningsrud Nordic Crane has its head office in Oslo and Gothenburg, and is the market leader in Eastern Norway and in Western Sweden.

Kynningsrud’s history began in the postwar year 1946. Bjarne Kynningsrud was originally a builder, and founded the business that would evolve over the years into today’s Kynningsrud business areas of Prefab, Foundation, Real Estate and Crane.

The Crane department has been growing steadily since the 70s and the focus has mainly been directed towards the Eastern region in Norway as well as Sweden. 1998 saw the start of the characteristic green color that would prove to be a huge success in the market. Today Kynningsrud Nordic Crane is one of Skandianavia’s leading total suppliers of all types of lifting and transportation of heavy structures.

“The profile is bright green, and the color is the Kynningsrud group’s premier trademark”

With large capacity and high competence we carry out projects in Norway and Sweden. We have approximately 300 mobile cranes and truck cranes for use in lifting and special transport. You’ll meet our people on the way to large and small jobs on construction sites, in industry and oil related projects.
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Kynningsrud Kran AS

Organization number: 990 041 970

Visiting/Mailing address: Storgata 2 A,1767 Halden

Billing address: Postboks 1581, 7435 Trondheim


Kynningsrud Nordic Crane AS

Organization number: 951 275 824

Visiting/Mailing address: Gneisveien 8, 2020 Skedsmokorset

Billing address: Postboks 1583, 7435 Trondheim


Kynningsrud Nordic Crane AB

Organization number: 556106-8171

Visiting/Mailing address: Deltavägen 12, S-402 73 Göteborg

Billing address: LQ4007, 737 84 Fagersta